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Our Services

We offer a professional, reliable and high-quality service, with our customers’ satisfaction at the core of our values.


All our translators are native in their target language, as well as experts in their specialties, guaranteeing the maximum quality of our translations.


We offer professional interpreting services in any situation in where it is necessary to facilitate communication between people who speak different languages.

Our Team

At the helm of the company stands Cristina Esteban, a professional Translator & Interpreter with a BA in Translation and Interpretation from the University of Granada, a MA in Institutional Translation from the University of Alicante, and MA in Conference Interpreting from the University Francisco de Vitoria and Estudio Sampere.

Cristina Esteban​

Since 2021, she teaches conference interpreting at Estudio Sampere, and is a professional member of the Spanish Association of Translators, Proof-readers and Interpreters since 2019.

After a scholarship at the University of Beijing, Cristina started working as an in-house translator, and later launched her own company. Her decade-long experience includes diverse projects for customers with varied profiles, including private clients and world-class companies.

She is specialised in the legal and financial sector, with experience in other fields. Her training as a sports technician has enabled her to focus on Sports Law.


At Cristina EstebanTranslation & Interpreting we have combined our passion for sports with our passion for law to become the first translation company specialising in sports law.

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Sport Associations

We work with both national and international sport associations to help them in an array situations including sport events, press conferences, negotiations, trials, arbitration processes and workshops.

Sport Law Firms

We translate sport codes, guidelines, employment and representation agreements, press releases, and any other document related to Sports Law.

Representation Agencies

Many customers have already placed their trust in us. We guarantee maximum quality and expertise: our team is constantly updating their expertise and knowledge, regularly  incorporating news related to Sports Law.


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